New Orleans Audio Tours

After 28 years in San Francisco, on August 5, 2005, SpeakLo Media opened an office in The Crescent City. Twenty four days later Katrina ravaged the city and made a mess of everything (to say the least).

In the strange days after Katrina (which are still going on by the way) as businesses throughout the city were struggling to make a comeback, SpeakLo was hired to create two historic audio tours that present to visitors of New Orleans an historical, creative and entertaining look at some of the intriguing history that makes The Big Easy an irreplacable part of our national cultural scene.

Needless to say… it was an exciting set of projects and we are pleased to present you with some samples of the SpeakLo produced New Orleans Cocktail Tour, as well as a trip through the unique and engaging history of New Orleans’ historic Hotel Monteleone.


The New Orleans Cocktail Tour
Segment One – Open & Introduction
Segment Two – The Napolean House
Segment Three – The Carousel Bar
Segment Four – The Pharmacy Museum
Segment Five – Antoine’s
Segment Six – Arneau’s
Segment Seven – The Court of Two Sisters
Segment Eight – Pirate’s Alley
Segment Nine – Lafite’s & JeanLafite’s Blacksmith Shop
Segment Ten – Tujagues


The Hotel Monteleone Tour
Segment One – Open & Introduction
Segment Two – Frank & William
Segment Three – Literary Notes 1
Segment Four – Hemingway & The Skylight
Segment Five – The Ghost of Red
Segment Six – Ghosts2 – Little Maurice
Segment Seven – Ghosts3 – La Cafe
Segment Eight – The Carousel Bar

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