SpeakLo Media has been creating websites for 20 years and counting. This began as a basic life necessity when my partner at the time was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was simultaneously using the newly developing internet as a source for medical information while looking for a way to do work at home rather than traveling hither and yon to produce music, radio and film, and to write.

Our first websites were designed for some of the largest wineries in Sonoma County and created in very basic HTML that I taught myself. Some of these sites still exist and do very well on modern mobile devices because of their basic html, which surprisingly serves as an excellent responsive design format.

Early on we developed proprietary database systems for large information and commerce driven database sites when no such infrastructure existed for basic web development (our first projects were a huge satellite industry info site and a San Francisco based surf shop with 3,000+ products). These days that particular need and interest has morphed into an expertise in developing Drupal and WordPress sites utilizing customized SQL database engines.

Our sites are also well served by the audio, video, and writing components of what we do at SpeakLo Media, which gives us a significant leg up on the competition when creating solid SEO website copy as well as media heavy and social media driven website experiences.

Some samples from recently produced websites include:


Vocabulary of Expression

Jim Callahan – Sculptor

Mentor Me

Petaluma Footrace

Williams Concrete Impressions

Blues Routes


Kit Lofroos Massage


Candu Corporation

Michael Vincent Music

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