Writing Samples

(right click on the links to download samples, or left click to view in browser):

Riding The Whirlwind – Five Questions To Transform Your Life

Kaiser Permanente Special Service Edition
(“A Tale of Two Teams” – “Three Departments One Mission” – “Hiking Together Up World Class Mountain”)

The MenoMavens Menopause Manual

Making The Connection (segment from audio production book written for Fender)

WebFM (a software manual)

The Little Studio That Could (Radio script for Riverwalk Jazz)

Miscellaneous Blogification

Bleeding Daylight – Random thoughts on things spiritual, and not so spiritual; human and maybe not.

SpeakLo When You Speak Love – my blog that I started before moving to New Orleans, and kept up through the times after The Storm.

Coyote Dreaming – Poems, Essays, and random thoughts about things that matter to me.

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